Never has American civil and religious liberty been so threatened as it is at this moment in history. Democratic socialism has seeped into every corner of our society and every branch of our government. Many of us sense the danger, we feel it acutely, yet we still struggle to put our finger precisely on what the danger is and where it’s coming from.

What is “democratic socialism”? Does it have any connection with the “socialism” of the 20th century that led straight to communism and fascism? Or is it something completely new and different? Do abortion, U.S. racial tensions, and climate change have any connection to socialism?Most importantly of all, what can ordinary Americans do about it today?

With penetrating insight that comes from a lifelong love of God’s Word and years spent carefully observing and studying how communism works in China and other countries, Pritchard cuts straight through the elusive layers of mist surrounding democratic socialism in the United States. She leaves us with a clear lens so we can correctly interpret―and respond to―the confusing events unfolding around us.

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